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Mary Magdalan is now as it always has been DIY. It is the reason I have stepped away ( a few times )  to do what I need to do to keep this music alive. 

 It has been real a musical journey for me.  When I started I was filled with so much rage. The only release I found was this music. Pity Girl was extremely healing for me. It felt so good to share my experiences with people who felt the same way.  As I kept making music I began to feel as tho weights were being lifted from my shoulders and I realized the pain and rage were gone. So I stepped away.  Then I went through some tough times.  More change and growth and as you may know as you grow and change not everyone around you is on the same page. It took me a long time and a lot of growing pains but  today I finally feel at peace.   Losing my band and partner and just trying to grow as a person and find myself. I had to  learn self love and the value of life.

I can only hope my music has done the same for my fans and junkie family. That in the time we have had this musical romance we all could have grown and become more whole.

Life is short. I know because of all I lost at such an early age so I can’t thank you all enough for sharing in some of my life’s’ work and supporting me always

. I want to be clear if it wasn’t for you there would have been no music.

So here’s to growth and all of us trying to get our shit together. And In the meantime there’s always my first love…. Music…..more coming soon. Hope you will be listening.

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